Board Games Night

The first board games night was well attended with over 20 people coming to enjoy an evening of board games and community participation.

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Passionate Lives has been asked by the WA Primary Health Alliance to be involved in spearheading a new initiative in Kwinana, WA.

Kwinana Alliance Against Depression (KAAD) is based on the European Alliance Against Depression which reduced the suicide rates by 24% using a multi layered approach to suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

KAAD aims to reduce suicide rates in Kwinana and improve the mental wellbeing of community members by engaging in the following four activities.

Trys Reddick, Lauren Rickert, Sharleen Delane (WAPHA) and Reece Whitby (MLA for Kwinana)
  • increased access to, and improved identification and treatment of depression from primary care general practitioners and specialised mental health professionals;
  • destigmatising depression, anxiety and talking about the prevention of suicide through a public awareness campaign;
  • alliance and co-operation with community facilitators and stakeholders; and
  • support for high-risk patients and their relatives.

For more information on the alliance visit the website here or join our Facebook group here

Passionate Lives is passionate about community cohesion, collaboration and open dialogue around mental illness and suicide. We look forward to seeing you at our planned events. All events will be listed on our Facebook page and on this news page.

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