Songs of Hope

Shine Again is now available to purchase on CD or Digital Download. To get your copy of the album use the links below

The Songs of Hope CD Project
The Songs of Hope CD Project


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Passionate Lives and Foundation to Wellness have joined together to produce an album of original songs around the theme of hope. The CD, which was released on July 18th 2019, is a compilation of original songs by local singer / songwriters with lived experience of Mental Illness and also contains a bonus collaborative track.

We have also been filming their journey’s over the 10 weeks of the project and will release a fly-on-the-wall documentary in time for Mental Health week 2019, celebrating their achievements and showcasing their stories. There is a huge range of mental illnesses experienced by the songwriters including Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Eating Disorders and Suicide and an age range between 14 and 48.

We are very excited to showcase the very talented Singers on the Songs of Hope Project as well as the team from Foundation to Wellness who pulled it all together.

To get to know each member of the project visit our Team section here

The Songs of Hope Launch, Rockingham Shopping Centre, July 2019