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Pastoral Assistance Program


Breathe Counselling is a professional, confidential counselling service provided to you under your church’s PAP (Pastoral Assistance Program)



PAP  is a service that enables employees and volunteers to access free or subsidised, confidential counselling or coaching sessions.

  • A safe rapport is built with a counsellor where you are supported to talk about issues that may be effecting you.
  • You may just need a ‘one off’ session to discuss a key issue
  • You may benefit from short term counselling, where you have opportunity to work through unpleasant thoughts or feelings.
  • You may want some coaching in an area of leadership, motivation, communication or work/life balance.



  • To address communication and relationship issues (including marriage)
  • To address anxiety
  • To alleviate and manage stress
  • To deal with grief and loss
  • To achieve a better work/life balance
  • To better deal with difficult people
  • To think and feel better



  • If you are experiencing unhealthy stress with or experiencing circumstances that are troubling you, make the call.
  • If you need someone to talk to about your mood or a mindset that you are struggling to shake, make the call
  • If you are finding a relationship at work or at home difficult to manage, make the call.



Breathe Counselling will provide your organisation with a website booking address, contact number and email which will enable you to confidentially arrange an appointment with a counsellor from your closest Breathe Counselling office. We have offices is the Perth CBD, Booragoon and Rockingham.


About Breathe Counselling

Breathe Counselling is a confidential and professional counselling service with an emphasis on improved relationships and wellbeing. Our intent is to provide the most suitable and effective counselling solutions possible to individuals, couples and families. We understand from statistical evidence, research and practice that the

counselling relationship itself is one of the most important elements of therapy. Subsequently, our approach reflects the value we place on this relationship.

Breathe Counselling presently provides services from our Perth CBD, Booragoon and Rockingham clinics. We provide counselling during the working week, after hours (to 9pm) and on weekends. With both male and female therapists, we offer a professional service that is affordable, solution focused and sensitive to the unique personal needs of the client.


In addition to counselling services, Breathe Counselling delivers training in the areas of Mental Health First Aid, Marriage and Preparation for Marriage Courses, Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management. Our qualified trainers have a combined history and wealth of experience in the delivery of PD education.


All counsellors and therapists associated with Breathe Counselling are appropriately qualified and engaged in regular professional development, professional counselling and psychology supervision. Our counsellors are members of either or both ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).


What is a Pastoral Assistance Program (PAP)?


A Pastoral Assistance Program provides confidential support to employees and in some cases, volunteers in churches and ministries, in dealing with work or personal related challenges that may impact on health, wellbeing, performance, health and safety and morale. The service is free to employees (and immediate family members living under the same roof- if agreed by the Corporate Client). It is based on the same concept as EAP (Employee Assistance Program).



Why Have a PAP?

The aim of a PAP is to assist your church or ministry through the provision of supportive, preventative intervention for both personal and work related concerns that may be detrimental to wellbeing and performance of staff.


The Fact is

Australian businesses lose over $6.5 billion every year through their failure to

assist staff into early intervention and treatment for employees struggling with mental health conditions. Many churches do not have the resource, expertise or ministry of counselling within their church. In addition, it is a known dynamic, that many people who receive counselling from their church… leave that church.

 The Truth is

Stress related workers compensation claims have recently doubled, costing

$10 billion every year.



The Reality is

3.2 days per worker are lost every year through workplace stress, your OHS obligations include staff with mental illness. For more information contact us today.



Pastoral Assistance Program – It’s Financially Beneficial 

What We offer

  • When staff feel respected and cared for, they generally feel better about themselves and the work they do. This leads to better morale, and a happier, more productive church.
  • Supporting staff through nurturing a positive, safe and healthy church environment lessens absenteeism and negative ministry attitudes
  • Staff loyalty and cultural excellence is nurtured and developed in the context of an authentically supportive workspace.
  • Investment in relationships is investment in your most valuable resource – people.
  • Counselling is the most commonly accessed service from PAP. Counselling offers a safe, confidential space for an individual, couple or family to discuss and address personal and/or work related concerns with a skilled therapist. The number of sessions available to each employee is up to your church.
  • Coaching is offered in a similar format to counselling, but is suited more for those who are seeking strategies with regards to motivation, vocation/ calling, time management, communication, leadership and work/life balance.
  • Training and Workshops in Mental Health First Aid through our partner Passionate Lives


All employee personal information collated by Breathe Counselling during the provision of the therapeutic service will remain confidential and secure except when:


It is subpoenaed by a court, or

  • Failure to disclose the information would place the employee and/or another person at risk; or
  • The employee’s prior approval has been obtained to provide a written report to another professional or agency. e.g. an employer (the Corporate Client), GP or lawyer; or
  • To discuss the material with another person. e.g. an employer (the Corporate Client), or GP. Confidentiality and limitations are explained to the employees at the beginning of the counselling process.


Reporting and Feedback

At no cost, Breathe Counselling will provide you with non- identifying EAP reports on a quarterly basis. These reports include:

  • Number of sessions accessed through the service
  • Number of clients accessing the service
  • Types of service provided to your staff
  • The location the service was delivered
  • The basic nature of issue discussed (either work or personal)


Choosing Breathe Counselling as your EAP provider will be one of the best investments you can make for the health of your organisation and its people…

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