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Trys Reddick

Trys Reddick, Mental Health First Aid Trainer
Trys Reddick, Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Founder, Trys Reddick, was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Agoraphobia and Social Phobia after leaving school aged 14. He spent all his teens as a recluse while he battled with Depression which he had until a life changing event in his mid 20’s. Following this, he started to fight back until by the age of 30, he emigrated to Australia and studied community services on an International Study visa. On completion of the 2 year course, he landed employment in Employment Services for 5 years, assisting long term unemployed back into the workforce.  In 2015 he became an Accredited Mental Health Trainer and a Primary Master Trainer 2 years later. He has had several books published on resilience and Mental Wellbeing and co-founded the Kwinana Alliance against Depression. He also funded and helped to coordinate the Songs of Hope Project.

Today Trys is an active Trainer and publisher, posting regular podcasts and staging events to raise awareness of mental illness.

He has a Daughter and lives in Perth, Western Australia

Elena Lennox

Elena Lennox, Mental Health First Aid Trainer
Elena Lennox, Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Elena is a resilience trainer, wellbeing coach and Mental Health First Aid Trainer. Her background in training and education has given her the tools to understand team dynamics and use strategies for changing behaviours which support individuals and teams to grow.
Managing performance, to be the best that we can be, means being aware of what’s affecting you and your team and having the tools to adapt quickly in a changing market.

Elena is passionate about life long learning and love to show people how to make a smooth transition, adopting successful practises, to achieve the best results.

She lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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