Break the Habit of Depression

There are some who have criticized the title of my book “Break the Habit of Depression” citing the school of thought that says Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance to the brain.

I would just like to clarify the reason why I named my book that and why I stand by the thought that Depression is a habit.

If you believe that Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance, there is only one obvious solution to your mental health issues and that is to redress the imbalance by more chemicals and that means getting anti-depressant medication. While there are times when this is an option, it shouldn’t be your first option. Many people take medication and believe their problems are solved. Medication is a band aid, which should be used to reduce anxiety to get you to a point where you can engage in counselling.

What if the Depression is caused by habitually thinking / dwelling on an issue, person or situation that you have no control over. As our brains and bodies are linked, emotions such as hopelessness, sadness, guilt and shame cause a chemical reaction in our bodies which then causes the Depression. This means that while the chemical imbalance does cause Depression, the root cause is our thinking.

Why the difference? The differentiation between the two shifts the obvious treatment of the Depression from medication to focusing on our thoughts and all of a sudden we are empowered to be the instigators of our own recovery.


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