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Live with Passion

You either have it or you don’t and those that have it, can’t stop talking about it. So what is it? It’s Passion. That thing you have whether it’s a business or a hobby that you love to do, you join groups about it, you talk to people who are passionate about the same things as you. You have no other choice but to live it, it consumes you.

Having worked alongside many entrepreneurs one thing struck me – they’re all soo passionate about their businesses. They work 20 hour days but don’t feel they work a second because they’re so involved in what they do, it never feels like work because they have that passion that keeps them going.

Having also worked alongside many people with mental health issues, what also struck me is the lack of passion with people with Depression.

I have just published my first book entitled “Passionate People”. The book aims to raise awareness of mental illness by showcasing over 30 entrepreneurs in WA who share their secrets of success and failures along the way. Be inspired by ordinary people who have taken action and are now living their dreams, just as you can too.

For further information “Passionate People” and other books I’ve published click here

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